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Radio Work

Hello I have been working on radio's since I was 12 years old. Grandpa use to drive for john deer, I loved electronics since I was a baby:) so over 25 years of exp in my field:) Have worked many places, usually as supervisor since age of 16 years old. Ran my own company at the age of 20, been working hard at getting this hobby off to a good start in this economy:) So please pass me around to your friends!! And family, the more the better:) I can get good deals and pass them on to you.. Offering a referral deal to every person that buys a radio or gets work done, refer someone and gets $20.00 off your next repair or towards your next purchase. So that is you working for me and me working back for you and all you have to do is SEND them to me and have them tell me who sent them or you let me know and I will credit your account:) Thanks a lot..

Now if you would like your radio done, shoot me an e-mail prices may very on radios as parts are slow at the moment coming in and out with inflation on some items already hitting the electronic market doing the best we can with prices at the moment.

most radios run 75.00-155.00 the highest being usually upgraded regulators full tune and alignment finals and such.

I do this as a hobby not my full time job so please be patient and feel free to call me, text me, I do all radios as I would my own.. Want to be loud and proud then send me your radio if not then I guess you was made to be a mud-duck:) 7'333's

Now if we have talked already and told you to ship to me my address is as follows

Allen Ward



My main email's

[email protected] or [email protected] and let me know what radio's you would

like done

some of the radio's I work on you will see in my videos

cobra,galaxy,rci,ranger, dosy and many more send me an email of  

what you have ill let you know  


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